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We live in a society that emphasises the success of young achievers. People are ‘peaking’

earlier than the generations before them and social media magnifies the accomplishments of

‘overnight successes’. If anything, the standards of living have been raised and what is expected of millennials has changed.


As a result, many are struggling in silence and have no idea how to tackle this chapter of life

called ‘adulthood’. Navigate: The Adulting Series aims to provide a breath of fresh air in a

world full of highlight reels. It encourages people to be honest about their experiences and

dismantles the illusions of a picture-perfect life.


Hosted by Adessy, Navigate engages 20 somethings in conversations about their adulting

journeys through a series of light-hearted discussions. This 6 part video series is not meant

to provide a solution to everyone’s woes, but rather to show that people are not alone.

From finances to careers, to even relationships Navigate unpacks it all. Leaving no area

untouched. Hopefully, it’ll help relieve some of the pressures associated with ‘becoming an

adult in the twenty-first century.